Complex TNFRSF1B:TRAF2 map

Complex composition:

  1. TNFRSF1B map
  2. TRAF2 map

TNFRSF1B:​TRAF2@Plasma Membrane


s_mpk1_re124( Survival  map ):
Upon ligand-induced TNFR1 trimerisation (not modelled) the TNFR1 death domain binds the death domain of the platform adapter protein TRADD. In contrast TNFR2 does not possess a death domain and instead binds directly to TRAF proteins (TRAF2).
s_mpk1_re133( Survival  map ):
Endogenous TAK1 is activated by TGF-beta IL-1 and TNF.
s_mpk1_re139( Survival  map ):
MEKK1 is significantly activated by TNF. Oligomerisation of TRAFs is sufficient to trigger MEKK1 binding. MEKK1 associates selectively with oligomerised TRAF2 in vivo in a TNF-dependent manner.
s_mpk1_re142:( Survival  map ) Activation of MEKK2 and MEKK3 is assumed to follow the same mechanisms of MEKK1 activation
s_mpk1_re145( Survival  map ):
TRAF2 activation triggers a ROS pulse that causes the dissociation of Trx from ASK1.
s_mpk1_re148( Survival  map ):
TNF-dependent production of ROS triggers the dissociation of Trx from ASK1 and the consequently liberalised ASK1 binds to TRAF2. Finally TRAF2 appears to activate ASK1 (by phosphorylation) by enhancing and stabilising the oligomerisation of ASK1.
s_s_mpk1_re133( Survival  map ):
s_s_mpk1_re139( Survival  map ):
s_s_mpk1_re145( Survival  map ):


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In compartment: Plasma Membrane
  1. TNFRSF1B:​TRAF2@Plasma Membrane map

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  1. TRAF2@Cytoplasm map + TNFRSF1B@Plasma Membrane map map TNFRSF1B:​TRAF2@Plasma Membrane map

  2. TNFRSF1B:​TRAF2@Plasma Membrane map + TAK1*@Cytoplasm map map TAK1*|​pho:​TNFRSF1B@Cytoplasm map
  3. MAP3K1@Cytoplasm map + TNFRSF1B:​TRAF2@Plasma Membrane map map MAP3K1|​pho:​TNFRSF1B@Cytoplasm map
  4. MAP3K2_3*@Cytoplasm map + TNFRSF1B:​TRAF2@Plasma Membrane map map MAP3K2_3*|​pho:​TNFRSF1B@Cytoplasm map
  5. TNFRSF1B:​TRAF2@Plasma Membrane map map ROS@Cytoplasm map
  6. TNFRSF1B:​TRAF2@Plasma Membrane map + MAP3K5@Cytoplasm map map MAP3K5|​pho:​TNFRSF1B@Cytoplasm map

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