Protein RAD50 map

RAD50 homolog (S. cerevisiae)

 Apoptosis  map  / MITOCH_METABOLISM  map
 DNA repair  map  / S_PHASE_CHECKPOINT  map
 DNA repair  map  / G2_M_CHECKPOINT  map
 DNA repair  map  / HR  map
 DNA repair  map  / A_NHEJ  map

PMID:18809224, PMID:18584027, PMID:19772495, PMID:18087292, PMID:20723763
For S-phase checkpoint
PMID:15459660, PMID:11850621, PMID:19793801, PMID:12607003
For A_NHEJ (alt_NHEJ or B_NHEJ or MMEJ):
PMID:21376743, PMID:24050180, PMID:22743550

RAD50@Site of DNA damage

a_re1477( Apoptosis  map ):
influenceDelete: re to reactants
through RAD50


d_re91( DNA repair  map ):
MRN complex:
PMID:16531125, PMID:17303408
Double strand breaks sensor.
MRN complex association is a first event after the DNA damage.

In compartment: Nucleus
  1. RAD50@Nucleus map

In compartment: Site of DNA damage

  1. RAD50@Site of DNA damage map

In compartment: default

  1. RAD50@default map

Participates in complexes:
In compartment: Nucleus

  1. MRE11*:​NBS1*:​RAD50@Nucleus map

In compartment: default

  1. MRE11*:​NBS1*|​S343_pho:​RAD50@default map

  2. ATM|​pho|​S367_pho|​S1893_pho:​MRE11*:​NBS1*|​S343_pho:​RAD50@default map
  3. ATR|​pho:​FANCD2|​K561_ubi|​pho:​MRE11*:​NBS1*|​S343_pho:​RAD50@default map
  4. ATM|​pho|​S367_pho|​S1893_pho:​H2AFX|​pho|​ubi:​MDC1|​pho:​MRE11*:​NBS1*|​S343_pho:​RAD50@default map
  5. BRCA1:​CTIP*|​emp|​S372_pho|​T847_pho|​S267_pho|​BRCA1-dep_ubi:​MRE11*:​NBS1*|​S343_pho:​PARP1|​PolyADPribose_unk|​pho:​PARP2|​unk|​pho:​RAD50@default map

Participates in reactions:
As Reactant or Product:

  1. MRE11*:​NBS1*:​RAD50@Nucleus map map RAD50@Site of DNA damage map + MRE11*@Site of DNA damage map + NBS1*@Site of DNA damage map

  2. NBS1*@Nucleus map + MRE11*@Nucleus map + RAD50@Nucleus map map MRE11*:​NBS1*:​RAD50@Nucleus map
  3. BRCA1|​S988_pho|​S1387_pho|​S1423_pho|​S1497_pho|​S1524_pho:​CTIP*|​emp|​S372_pho|​T847_pho|​S267_pho|​BRCA1-dep_ubi@default map + MRE11*:​NBS1*|​S343_pho:​RAD50@default map + PARP1|​PolyADPribose_unk|​pho:​PARP2|​unk|​pho@default map map BRCA1:​CTIP*|​emp|​S372_pho|​T847_pho|​S267_pho|​BRCA1-dep_ubi:​MRE11*:​NBS1*|​S343_pho:​PARP1|​PolyADPribose_unk|​pho:​PARP2|​unk|​pho:​RAD50@default map
  4. ATM|​pho|​S367_pho|​S1893_pho:​MRE11*:​NBS1*|​S343_pho:​RAD50@default map + CTIP*|​emp@default map + WRN@Nucleus map map ATM|​pho|​S367_pho|​S1893_pho:​CTIP*|​emp:​NBS1*|​S343_pho:​WRN@Nucleus map
  5. FANCD2|​K561_ubi|​pho@default map + MRE11*:​NBS1*|​S343_pho:​RAD50@default map + ATR|​pho|​active@Nucleus map map ATR|​pho:​FANCD2|​K561_ubi|​pho:​MRE11*:​NBS1*|​S343_pho:​RAD50@default map
  6. MRE11*@default map + RAD50@default map + NBS1*|​S343_pho@default map map MRE11*:​NBS1*|​S343_pho:​RAD50@default map
  7. ATM|​pho|​S367_pho|​S1893_pho:​MRE11*:​NBS1*|​S343_pho:​RAD50@default map + H2AFX|​pho|​ubi:​MDC1|​pho@default map map ATM|​pho|​S367_pho|​S1893_pho:​H2AFX|​pho|​ubi:​MDC1|​pho:​MRE11*:​NBS1*|​S343_pho:​RAD50@default map
  8. ATM|​pho|​S367_pho|​S1893_pho|​active@default map + MRE11*:​NBS1*|​S343_pho:​RAD50@default map map ATM|​pho|​S367_pho|​S1893_pho:​MRE11*:​NBS1*|​S343_pho:​RAD50@default map

As Catalyser:

  1. gA_NHEJ_DNA_st1*@Nucleus map map gA_NHEJ_DNA_st2*@Nucleus map

  2. gHR_DNA_st1*@Nucleus map map gHR_DNA_st2*@Nucleus map
  3. G1 phase@default map map S phase@default map
  4. S phase@default map map G2 phase@default map
  5. G2 phase@default map map M phase@default map
  6. gFanconi_DNA_st2*@Nucleus map map gFanconi_DNA_st3*@Nucleus map
  7. gFanconi_DNA_st3*@Nucleus map map gFanconi_DNA_st4*@Nucleus map
  8. gFanconi_DNA_st4*@Nucleus map map gHR_DNA_st2*@Nucleus map
  9. FANCD2@default map map FANCD2|​pho@default map
  10. gSSA_DNA_st1*@Nucleus map map gSSA_DNA_st2*@Nucleus map
  11. ATM@default map map ATM|​pho|​S367_pho|​S1893_pho|​active@default map
  12. CHEK2@default map map CHEK2|​pho|​active@default map
  13. Ku70*@default map + Ku80*@default map map Ku70*:​Ku80*@Nucleus map
  14. gC_NHEJ_DNA_st1*@Nucleus map map gC_NHEJ_DNA_st2*@Nucleus map
  15. DNA-PK*@default map map DNA-PK*|​pho@default map
  16. H2AFX@default map map H2AFX|​pho@default map

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