Protein PCNA map

proliferating cell nuclear antigen

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PMID:15703371, PMID:19847258, PMID:16697054, PMID:14726013
PCNA=Proliferating Cell Nuclear Antigen
Co-factor for DNA polymerase delta subunit. Binds to CYCLINA-CDK2 to initiate DNA replication.


d_re247( DNA repair  map ):
De-ubiquitination of PCNA serves a negative loop for inactivation of TLS
d_re8( DNA repair  map ):
GADD45 modulated and causes complex formation APE:PCNA. GADD is rgulated by p53:
PMID:17599061, PMID:23485469
d_re24:( DNA repair  map ) PMID:22973052
d_re166( DNA repair  map ):
Fanconi recognition complex as FA core complex recruits NER, HR, TLS proteins that collectively repair the ICL. If Fanconi proteins participating in the recognition are dysactivated, there is no any other mechanism to recognize ILSs, therefore, even if NER, HR and TLS are correct, they will not perform the repair without core Fanconi proteins.
d_re168( DNA repair  map ):
Ubiquitination of PCNA by RAD6-RAD18 increases affinity of PCNA to POLH and makes switch from PCNA-POLD to PCNA-POLH and stops translation and initiates TLS pathway
PMID:15280666, PMID:18498753
d_re181( DNA repair  map ):
SUMOlated PCNA recognizes stalled replication fork and blocks homologous recombination, re-orients toward TLS
PMID:19217833, PMID:18157158, PMID:19851286
d_re254( DNA repair  map ):
GADD45 interacts with PCNA and activates NER-only Global(GG-NER):
PMID:19652693, PMID:10779360


d_re181( DNA repair  map ):
SUMOlated PCNA recognizes stalled replication fork and blocks homologous recombination, re-orients toward TLS
PMID:19217833, PMID:18157158, PMID:19851286
d_re114( DNA repair  map ):
PMID:18171670, PMID:20064462
For regulation of HR by cell cycle. CDK1 is essential to switch cells from C_NHEJ to HR during S/G2 phase: PMID:15496928
The complex BRCA2:FANCC:FANCG:XRCC3 activates HR:
For role of BLM:TOP3:RMI1 complex in the HR resection step:
For central role of the MRN complex and CtIP in the resection of the DNA that turns on the HR and off C_NHEJ:
For inhibition of HR by RECQ5:
For role of CDC2 (CDK1) in DNA resection initiation in S/G2 phase, HR initiation:
PMID:15655342, PMID:15549137, PMID:15496928
RNF8:MDC1 complex recruit HR-related proteins by this shifting from C_NHEJ to HR:
d_re220( DNA repair  map ):
Stalled replication fork is mostly induced by ICLs


c_re262( Cell cycle  map ):
Inhibition of PCNA by p21.

In compartment: Nucleus
  1. PCNA@Nucleus map

In compartment: default

  1. PCNA@default map

  2. PCNA|​K164_ubi@default map
  3. PCNA|​K164_don|​K127_don@default map
  4. PCNA|​K164_ubi|​ubi|​ubi|​ubi@default map

Participates in complexes:
In compartment: Nucleus

  1. GADD45A:​PCNA@Nucleus map

  2. EXO1:​PCNA:​RFC*:​RPA1:​RPA2:​RPA3:​hMutL*:​hMutS*@Nucleus map

In compartment: default

  1. CTIP*|​emp:​PCNA@default map

  2. PCNA|​K164_ubi:​REV1@default map
  3. PCNA|​K164_ubi:​POLZ*@default map
  4. FEN1:​PCNA:​WRN@default map
  5. PCNA|​K164_ubi:​POLH:​REV1@default map
  6. PCNA|​K164_ubi:​POLI:​REV1@default map
  7. PCNA|​K164_ubi:​POLK:​REV1@default map
  8. LIG1:​PARP1|​PolyADPribose_unk|​pho:​PCNA@default map
  9. APE*|​Thr233_pho|​ubi:​Mg2+:​PCNA:​WRN@default map
  10. PARP1:​PCNA:​POLB:​POLD*:​POLE*:​RFC*@default map
  11. ATRIP:​ATR|​pho:​CHEK1|​pho:​CLSPN|​pho:​PCNA|​K164_ubi:​TIM1*@default map
  12. BRCA1:​BRCA2:​FANCD2|​pho:​FANCI|​pho:​H2AFX|​pho|​ubi:​NBS1*|​S343_pho:​PCNA:​RAD51:​TIP60*@default map
  13. BRCA1:​BRCA2:​FANCD2|​K561_ubi|​pho:​FANCI|​K523_ubi|​pho:​H2AFX|​pho|​ubi:​NBS1*|​S343_pho:​PCNA:​RAD51:​TIP60*@default map
  14. CHTF18:​PCNA:​POLD*:​POLE*:​POLK:​RFC*:​RPA1:​RPA2|​pho:​RPA3:​XRCC1|​pho@default map

Participates in reactions:
As Reactant or Product:

  1. PCNA@Nucleus map + p21CIP1*@Nucleus map map c_s771

  2. POLB@default map + PCNA@default map + POLE*@default map + POLD*@default map + PARP1|​PolyADPribose_unk|​pho@Nucleus map + RFC*@Nucleus map map PARP1:​PCNA:​POLB:​POLD*:​POLE*:​RFC*@default map
  3. d_s2743 + d_s834 + EXO1@default map + RPA1:​RPA2:​RPA3@default map + PCNA@default map + RFC*@Nucleus map map EXO1:​PCNA:​RFC*:​RPA1:​RPA2:​RPA3:​hMutL*:​hMutS*@Nucleus map
  4. FANCD2|​K561_ubi|​pho:​FANCI|​K523_ubi|​pho@default map + BRCA1|​S988_pho|​S1387_pho|​S1423_pho|​S1497_pho|​S1524_pho|​active@default map + BRCA2@default map + NBS1*|​S343_pho@default map + RAD51@default map + PCNA@default map + H2AFX|​pho|​ubi@default map + TIP60*@default map map BRCA1:​BRCA2:​FANCD2|​K561_ubi|​pho:​FANCI|​K523_ubi|​pho:​H2AFX|​pho|​ubi:​NBS1*|​S343_pho:​PCNA:​RAD51:​TIP60*@default map
  5. PCNA@default map map PCNA|​K164_ubi@default map
  6. PCNA|​K164_ubi@default map + POLK@default map + REV1@default map map PCNA|​K164_ubi:​POLK:​REV1@default map
  7. PCNA|​K164_ubi@default map + POLI@default map + REV1@default map map PCNA|​K164_ubi:​POLI:​REV1@default map
  8. PCNA|​K164_ubi@default map + REV1@default map map PCNA|​K164_ubi:​REV1@default map
  9. PCNA|​K164_ubi@default map + POLZ*@default map map PCNA|​K164_ubi:​POLZ*@default map
  10. PCNA@default map map PCNA|​K164_don|​K127_don@default map
  11. PCNA|​K164_ubi@default map map PCNA|​K164_ubi|​ubi|​ubi|​ubi@default map
  12. CTIP*|​emp@default map + PCNA@default map map CTIP*|​emp:​PCNA@default map
  13. POLE*@default map + POLD*@default map + RFC*@Nucleus map + PCNA@default map + CHTF18@default map + POLK@default map + XRCC1|​pho@default map + RPA1:​RPA2|​pho:​RPA3@default map map CHTF18:​PCNA:​POLD*:​POLE*:​POLK:​RFC*:​RPA1:​RPA2|​pho:​RPA3:​XRCC1|​pho@default map
  14. PCNA@default map + FEN1@default map + WRN@Nucleus map map FEN1:​PCNA:​WRN@default map
  15. PCNA|​K164_ubi@default map map PCNA@default map
  16. BRCA1:​BRCA2:​FANCD2|​K561_ubi|​pho:​FANCI|​K523_ubi|​pho:​H2AFX|​pho|​ubi:​NBS1*|​S343_pho:​PCNA:​RAD51:​TIP60*@default map map BRCA1:​BRCA2:​FANCD2|​pho:​FANCI|​pho:​H2AFX|​pho|​ubi:​NBS1*|​S343_pho:​PCNA:​RAD51:​TIP60*@default map
  17. PCNA@default map + LIG1@default map + PARP1|​PolyADPribose_unk|​pho@Nucleus map map LIG1:​PARP1|​PolyADPribose_unk|​pho:​PCNA@default map
  18. GADD45A@default map + PCNA@default map map GADD45A:​PCNA@Nucleus map
  19. TIM1*@default map + CLSPN|​pho@default map + PCNA|​K164_ubi@default map + ATRIP:​ATR|​pho@default map + CHEK1|​pho|​active@Nucleus map map ATRIP:​ATR|​pho:​CHEK1|​pho:​CLSPN|​pho:​PCNA|​K164_ubi:​TIM1*@default map
  20. REV1@default map + PCNA|​K164_ubi@default map + POLH@default map map PCNA|​K164_ubi:​POLH:​REV1@default map
  21. Mg2+@default map + APE*|​Thr233_pho|​ubi@default map + PCNA@default map + WRN@Nucleus map map APE*|​Thr233_pho|​ubi:​Mg2+:​PCNA:​WRN@default map
  22. PCNA@Nucleus map map DNA synthesis@Nucleus map
  23. PCNA@Nucleus map + c_s771 map s_s_akt2_s384

As Catalyser:

  1. gBER_M-glyc_DNA_st2*@Nucleus map map gBER_M-glyc_DNA_st3*@Nucleus map

  2. gHR_DNA_st1*@Nucleus map map gHR_DNA_st2*@Nucleus map
  3. S phase@default map map G2 phase@default map
  4. gGG-NER_DNA_st2*@Nucleus map map gTC-NER_GG-NER_DNA_st3*@Nucleus map
  5. gHR_DNA_st2*@Nucleus map map gHR_DNA_st3*@Nucleus map
  6. gHR_DNA_st6*@Nucleus map map gHR_DNA_st7*@Nucleus map
  7. gFanconi_DNA_st4*@Nucleus map map gHR_DNA_st2*@Nucleus map
  8. gDamaged_DNA*@Nucleus map map gRepaired_DNA*@Nucleus map
  9. gLnP_BER_M-glyc_st5*@Nucleus map map gLnP_BER_M-glyc_st6*@Nucleus map
  10. gHR_DNA_st1*@Nucleus map map gFanconi_DNA_st1*@Nucleus map
  11. gGG-NER_DNA_st1*@Nucleus map map gGG-NER_DNA_st2*@Nucleus map
  12. gTC-NER_GG-NER_DNA_st4*@Nucleus map + dNTPs@Nucleus map map gTC-NER_GG-NER_DNA_st5*@Nucleus map
  13. gMMR_DNA_st2*@Nucleus map map gMMR_DNA_st3*@Nucleus map
  14. gBER_M-glyc_DNA_st3*@Nucleus map + dNTPs@default map map gLnP_BER_M-glyc_st4*@Nucleus map
  15. No DNA replicarion@default map map DNA replicarion@default map
  16. gTLS_DNA_st1*@Nucleus map map gTLS_DNA_st2*@Nucleus map
  17. gBER_B-glyc_DNA_st3*@Nucleus map map gShP_BER_M-glyc_st4_B-glyc_DNA_st4*@Nucleus map + 3′ddR5P@default map
  18. gLnP_BER_M-glyc_st4*@Nucleus map map gLnP_BER_M-glyc_st5*@Nucleus map + Modified 2-12 nucl fragment@default map

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