Gene C_NHEJ_DNA_st1* map

DNA with double strand break

 DNA repair  map  / C_NHEJ  map

PMID:22258607, PMID:22918414, PMID:20691907, PMID:23897299, PMID:23892398, PMID:23760025,
Double strand break triggers MRN complex association:first step in DNA damage recognition and initiation of G2/M checkpoint
C_NHEJ in dividing and non-dividing cells


d_re215( DNA repair  map ):
If the cell is in G1 phase, the double strand break will be repeated by C_NHEJ, because there is no homologous template from sister chromatide. If the cell is in S/G2 phase, HR will take place.
d_re513( DNA repair  map ):
PMID:22258607, PMID:19267553, PMID:18256616
For C_NHEJ activation by IR
PMID:20691907, PMID:23012265, PMID:21785230
For C_NHEJ activation by UV
PMID:17293412, PMID:15367581
Topoisomerate inhibitors bloch double strand DNA repair by HR, C_NHEJ and Fanconi pathways
For HR
PMID:22123462, PMID:20693240
For Fanconi
PMID:21414716, PMID:23157317
For activation by Dbait
PMID:22068457, PMID:22815765, PMID:22042585, PMID:19621083
d_re601:( DNA repair  map ) reactionType:is.a
d_re36( DNA repair  map ):
Auto-phosphorylation of ATM in response to DNA DSB:
PMID:17303408, PMID:12556884, PMID:16858402
Amplification of ATM auto-phosphorylation by the complex ATM:MRNcomplex:H2AX:MDC1CDK5 phosphorylates and activates ATM
d_re80( DNA repair  map ):
The complex MRN:BRCA1:phos-Ub-CtIP is central in the shift toward HR, because it activates resection for HR and blocks Ku70/80 of C_NHEJ:
PMID:19357644, PMID:15485915, PMID:19490890, PMID:18716619 (for CDK-dep phosph), PMID:20051983
d_re91( DNA repair  map ):
MRN complex:
PMID:16531125, PMID:17303408
Double strand breaks sensor.
MRN complex association is a first event after the DNA damage.
d_re199( DNA repair  map ):
HCLK2*/FANCM/FAAP24/active ATR complex inhibit S-phase:
PMID:19282663, PMID:19622404, PMID:18995830
d_re260( DNA repair  map ):
DNA with O6-methylguanine adducts, MutSalpha and MutLalpha activate ATR/ATRIP and BER pathways performs the repair:
PMID:16713580, PMID:18543256
Damaged DNA triggers ATR/ATRIP complex activation

In compartment: Nucleus
  1. gC_NHEJ_DNA_st1*@Nucleus map

Participates in complexes:

    Participates in reactions:
    As Reactant or Product:

    1. gHR_DNA_st1*@Nucleus map map gC_NHEJ_DNA_st1*@Nucleus map

    2. gDeaminated_alkylated_mismatched_base*@Nucleus map map gC_NHEJ_DNA_st1*@Nucleus map
    3. gC_NHEJ_DNA_st1*@Nucleus map map gDamaged_DNA*@Nucleus map
    4. gOxidized_ring-saturated_hydrolysed_base*@Nucleus map map gC_NHEJ_DNA_st1*@Nucleus map
    5. gIntact_DNA*@Nucleus map map gC_NHEJ_DNA_st1*@Nucleus map
    6. gDouble_strand_breaks_DSB*@Nucleus map map gC_NHEJ_DNA_st1*@Nucleus map
    7. gC_NHEJ_DNA_st1*@Nucleus map map gC_NHEJ_DNA_st2*@Nucleus map

    As Catalyser:

    1. HCLK2*@default map + FAAP24*@default map + FANCM@default map + ATR|​pho|​active@Nucleus map map ATR|​pho:​FAAP24*:​FANCM:​HCLK2*@default map

    2. ATR|​pho|​active@Nucleus map + ATRIP@default map map ATRIP:​ATR|​pho@default map
    3. ATM@default map map ATM|​pho|​S367_pho|​S1893_pho|​active@default map
    4. PPP5C:​RAD17@default map map PPP5C@default map + RAD17@default map
    5. PARP2|​unk|​pho@default map + PARP1|​PolyADPribose_unk|​pho@Nucleus map map PARP1|​PolyADPribose_unk|​pho:​PARP2|​unk|​pho@default map
    6. PARP3@default map + PARP1|​PolyADPribose_unk|​pho@Nucleus map map PARP1|​PolyADPribose_unk|​pho:​PARP3@default map
    7. MRE11*@default map + RAD50@default map + NBS1*|​S343_pho@default map map MRE11*:​NBS1*|​S343_pho:​RAD50@default map

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