Complex MAP3K1:RAS*:RTK* map

Complex composition:

  1. MAP3K1 map
  2. RTK* map
  3. RAS* map



s_mpk1_re137( Survival  map ):
MEKK1 can interact with Ras in a GTP-dependent manner. The GTP-dependent coupling of MEKK1 to Ras indicates that MEKK1 may be an effector for those agonists that recruit JNK through Ras-dependent mechanisms.
s_mpk1_re153( Survival  map ):
MLK3 and MLK2 two MAP3Ks of JNK pathway can interact with RAC1 in a GTP-dependent manner.
MEKK2 and MEKK3 can activate JNK P38 and ERK pathways.
TAO kinases are novel MAP3Ks that specifically regulate P38s.
ASK1 is a MAP3K and can activate both JNK and P38 pathways.
MEKK1 selectively activates the endogenous JNK pathway. MEKK1 can activate MEK4 and MEK7 in vivo.
MEKK4 is a MAP3K and can activate both JNK and P38 pathways.
TAK1 is a MAP3K. It is able to activate both JNK and P38 pathways.
Endogenous TAK1 is activated by TGF-beta IL-1 and TNF. TAK1 can phosphorylate and activate MEK4 MEK3 and MEK6.
MLK3 has the potential to positively regulate the ERK / MAPK  map pathway by directly phosphorylating and activating MEK.
Expression of GADD45 genes in mammalian cells strongly activates co-expressed MTK1 as well as P38 and JNK the MAPKs downstream of MTK1. TAO kinases are MAP3Ks that function upstream of P38 and JNK.
PMID:11274345 PMID:12738796 PMID:18855897 PMID:21614932


Participates in complexes:
In compartment: Cytoplasm
  1. MAP3K1|​pho:​RAS*|​pho:​RTK*@Cytoplasm map

Participates in reactions:
As Reactant or Product:

  1. GRB2:​RAS*|​pho:​RTK*:​SOS*@Plasma Membrane map + MAP3K1@Cytoplasm map map MAP3K1|​pho:​RAS*|​pho:​RTK*@Cytoplasm map

As Catalyser:

  1. MAP2K4@Cytoplasm map map MAP2K4|​pho|​pho@Cytoplasm map

  2. MAP2K7@Cytoplasm map map MAP2K7|​pho|​pho@Cytoplasm map

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