Complex KPNB1:NFAT*:PPP3CB_sub_trunc_endsub_*:PPP3R*:TNPO1:Tubulin-_alpha_* map

Complex composition:

  1. PPP3CB_sub_trunc_endsub_* map
  2. PPP3R* map
  3. NFAT* map
  4. Tubulin-_alpha_* map
  5. KPNB1 map
  6. TNPO1 map



 Survival  map  / WNT_NON_CANONICAL  map

Constitutively active
PMID:17662023, PMID:17593948, PMID:14627704
s_wnc2_re45( Survival  map ):
Tubulin-alpha binds both NFAT and KPNB1 after dephosphorylation of NFAT.
TNPO1 is a transport protein that helps in the import of proteins into the nucleus. Although it has been described with associated with NRON, it is most likely that it binds first to NFAT complex, making this complex ready for import, then NRON can bind to this complex to hinder the import of the complex


Participates in complexes:
In compartment: Cytoplasm
  1. KPNB1:​NFAT*:​PPP3CB_sub_trunc_endsub_*:​PPP3R*:​TNPO1:​Tubulin-_alpha_*@Cytoplasm map

Participates in reactions:
As Reactant or Product:

  1. KPNB1:​NFAT*:​PPP3CB_sub_trunc_endsub_*:​PPP3R*:​TNPO1:​Tubulin-_alpha_*@Cytoplasm map map KPNB1:​NFAT*:​PPP3CB_sub_trunc_endsub_*:​PPP3R*:​Tubulin-_alpha_*@Nucleus map

  2. (NFAT*:​PPP3CB_sub_trunc_endsub_*:​PPP3R*)|​active@Cytoplasm map + KPNB1@Cytoplasm map + Tubulin-_alpha_*@Cytoplasm map + TNPO1@Cytoplasm map map KPNB1:​NFAT*:​PPP3CB_sub_trunc_endsub_*:​PPP3R*:​TNPO1:​Tubulin-_alpha_*@Cytoplasm map
  3. KPNB1:​NFAT*:​PPP3CB_sub_trunc_endsub_*:​PPP3R*:​TNPO1:​Tubulin-_alpha_*@Cytoplasm map + LRRK2@Cytoplasm map + CSE1L@Cytoplasm map + rNRON@Cytoplasm map map CSE1L:​KPNB1:​LRRK2:​NFAT*:​NRON:​PPP3CB_sub_trunc_endsub_*:​PPP3R*:​TNPO1:​Tubulin-_alpha_*@Cytoplasm map

As Catalyser:

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