Complex HUS1:RAD1:RAD17:RAD9*:RFC* map

Complex composition:

  1. RFC* map
  2. RAD17 map
  3. RAD1 map
  4. HUS1 map
  5. RAD9* map



 DNA repair  map  / S_PHASE_CHECKPOINT  map

PMID:15459660, PMID:17303408
d_re457:( DNA repair  map ) PMID:10884395
d_re119( DNA repair  map ):
For inhibition of S-checkpoint by ATM:
PMID:15175241, PMID:12086603
For inhibition of S-checkpoint by HCLK2/FAAP24/ATR/FANKM complex:
PMID:19282663, PMID:19622404, PMID:18995830
For interaction between SNM1B and ATM to mediate S-phase checkpoint in response to ICL (intra-chromatide lesion):
Resected DNA is a triger for activating the S-phase checkpoint and moving from G1 to S to G2:
PMID:20051983, PMID:16805667
For inhibition of S to G2 propagation and activation of S-phase checkpoint by complex PCNA:CtIP:
ATR kinase activation mediated by MutSalpha and MutLalpha in response to cytotoxic O6-methylguanine adducts. O6-methylguanine adducts recognized by MutSalpha, MutLalpha and BER pathways performs the repair. ATR/ATRIP S phase arrest is activated:
For role of TIM1*/TIPIN in S-phase checkpoint, stalled replication forks stabilisation and DNA repair during S-phase:
PMID:17102137, PMID:17116885, PMID:17296725, PMID:19793801, PMID:17582221
For inhibition of S-phase by ATR/ATRIP/CHEK1/CLSPN/HCLK2* complex:
PMID:19793801, PMID:17384638
For ATR/ATRIP/CHEK1/Tim* S-phase checkpoint
Formation of the complex for crosslink-activation of S phase checkpoint. FA core complex activates the reaction to stop S-phase propagaton:
PMID:14988723, PMID:15136767
d_re355( DNA repair  map ):
For role of TIM1*/TIPIN in S-phase checkpoint, replication arrest, stalled replication forks stabilisation and DNA repair during S-phase:


Participates in complexes:
In compartment: default
  1. HUS1:​RAD1:​RAD17:​RAD9*:​RFC*@default map

Participates in reactions:
As Reactant or Product:

  1. HUS1:​RAD1:​RAD9*|​pho@default map + RAD17@default map + RFC*@Nucleus map map HUS1:​RAD1:​RAD17:​RAD9*:​RFC*@default map

As Catalyser:

  1. S phase@default map map G2 phase@default map

  2. ORC1*:​ORC2*:​ORC3*:​ORC4*:​ORC5*:​ORC6*@default map + MCM2:​MCM3:​MCM4:​MCM5:​MCM6:​MCM7@default map + CDT1@default map + CDC6@default map + CDC45@default map + POLA*@default map + PRIM*@default map + RPA1@Nucleus map + RPA2@Nucleus map + RPA3@Nucleus map map CDC45:​CDC6:​CDT1:​MCM2:​MCM3:​MCM4:​MCM5:​MCM6:​MCM7:​ORC1*:​ORC2*:​ORC3*:​ORC4*:​ORC5*:​ORC6*:​POLA*:​PRIM*:​RPA1:​RPA2:​RPA3@default map
  3. CDC7@default map + DBF4@default map map CDC7:​DBF4@default map
  4. ATRIP:​ATR|​pho:​CLSPN|​pho:​RPA1:​RPA2:​RPA3@default map + TIPIN@default map + TIM1*@default map + CHEK1|​pho|​active@default map map ATRIP:​ATR|​pho:​CHEK1|​pho:​CLSPN|​pho:​RPA1:​RPA2:​RPA3:​TIM1*:​TIPIN@default map

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