Complex GRB2:RAS*:RTK*:SOS* map

Complex composition:

  1. RAS* map
  2. SOS* map
  3. GRB2 map
  4. RTK* map

GRB2:​RAS*|​pho:​RTK*:​SOS*@Plasma Membrane


s_mpk1_re9( Survival  map ):
Sos mediates Ras activation. Interaction of Sos with Ras induces the formation of RasGTP from RasGDP.
Spry is induced by activated ERK through phosphorylation on Tyr55. It positively regulates EGFR signalling by sequestering Cbl whereas it negatively regulates FGFR signalling by sequestering Grb2 from FSR2.
PMID:17496910 PMID:15173823
s_mpk1_re103( Survival  map ):
BCL2 protein can target Raf-1 (C-Raf) to mitochondria.
s_mpk1_re13( Survival  map ):
B-Raf is recruited on the plasma membrane by activated Ras.
Activated Ras functions as an adapter that binds to Raf kinases with high affinity and causes their translocation to the cell membrane where Raf activation takes place.
RasGTP and Sur-8 allow dephosphorylation of N-ter 14-3-3 binding site of Raf (not modelled) and thus its recruitment.
PMID:19541618 PMID:11023813 PMID:17496910
s_mpk1_re19( Survival  map ):
Transfer of activated RTK/Grb2/Sos/RasGTP complex to late endosomes where it binds P14/MP1/MEK1 complex allowing the ERK cascade.
Upon EGF stimulation EGFR in complex with Grb2 is endocytosed and transported to late endosomes with Grb2-binding proteins such as Sos resulting in the activation of KRas on late endosomes.
PMID:17496910 PMID:19289794
s_mpk1_re35( Survival  map ):
RasGTP interacts with IMP cleaving it from KSR1. In this way KSR1 can play its role of scaffolding protein for ERK cascade.
Ras activation causes the cleavage of 14-3-3 from KSR1 (not modelled) exposing the membrane-targeting C1 domain as well as the docking site for ERK1/2.
PMID:14724641 PMID:17496910
s_mpk1_re67( Survival  map ):
Calcium activates the Ras GAP CAPRI (RASA4) that translocates to the PM and downregulates any Ras that is activated on this compartment by the exchange factor SOS.
s_mpk1_re102( Survival  map ):
When Ras assumes an active conformation through binding of GTP a subpopulation of the Raf-1 (C-Raf) protein molecules in cells translocates from the cytosol to the plasma membrane via interaction with P21ras (not modelled).
s_mpk1_re137( Survival  map ):
MEKK1 can interact with Ras in a GTP-dependent manner. The GTP-dependent coupling of MEKK1 to Ras indicates that MEKK1 may be an effector for those agonists that recruit JNK through Ras-dependent mechanisms.
s_mpk1_re140:( Survival  map ) Activation of MEKK2 and MEKK3 is assumed to follow the same mechanisms of MEKK1 activation
s_s_mpk1_re102( Survival  map ):


Participates in complexes:
In compartment: Plasma Membrane
  1. GRB2:​RAS*|​pho:​RTK*:​SOS*@Plasma Membrane map

Participates in reactions:
As Reactant or Product:

  1. RAF1@Cytoplasm map + GRB2:​RAS*|​pho:​RTK*:​SOS*@Plasma Membrane map map GRB2:​RAF1|​pho:​RAS*|​pho:​RTK*:​SOS*@Plasma Membrane map

  2. GRB2:​RAF1|​pho:​RAS*|​pho:​RTK*:​SOS*@Plasma Membrane map map GRB2:​RAS*|​pho:​RTK*:​SOS*@Plasma Membrane map + RAF1|​pho@Mitochondria map
  3. GRB2:​RAS*|​pho:​RTK*:​SOS*@Plasma Membrane map + BRAF@Cytoplasm map map BRAF|​pho:​GRB2:​RAS*|​pho:​RTK*:​SOS*@Plasma Membrane map
  4. GRB2:​RAS*|​pho:​RTK*:​SOS*@Plasma Membrane map + MAP3K1@Cytoplasm map map MAP3K1|​pho:​RAS*|​pho:​RTK*@Cytoplasm map
  5. GRB2:​RAS*|​pho:​RTK*:​SOS*@Plasma Membrane map + MAP3K2_3*@Cytoplasm map map MAP3K2_3*|​pho:​RAS*|​pho:​RTK*@Cytoplasm map
  6. GRB2:​RAS*|​pho:​RTK*:​SOS*@Plasma Membrane map + LAMTOR2:​MEK*:​MP1*@Late Endosomes map map GRB2:​LAMTOR2:​MEK*:​MP1*:​RAS*|​pho:​RTK*:​SOS*@Late Endosomes map
  7. GRB2:​RAS*|​pho:​RTK*:​SOS*@Plasma Membrane map map RAS*@Plasma Membrane map + GRB2:​RTK*:​SOS*@Plasma Membrane map
  8. RAS*@Plasma Membrane map + GRB2:​RTK*:​SOS*@Plasma Membrane map map GRB2:​RAS*|​pho:​RTK*:​SOS*@Plasma Membrane map

As Catalyser:

  1. IMP*:​KSR1:​MEK*@Cytoplasm map map IMP*@Cytoplasm map + KSR1:​MEK*@Cytoplasm map

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