Complex GRB2:LAMTOR2:MEK*:MP1*:RAS*:RTK*:SOS* map

Complex composition:

  1. GRB2 map
  2. SOS* map
  3. MP1* map
  4. LAMTOR2 map
  5. MEK* map
  6. RTK* map
  7. RAS* map

GRB2:​LAMTOR2:​MEK*:​MP1*:​RAS*|​pho:​RTK*:​SOS*@Late Endosomes


s_mpk1_re19( Survival  map ):
Transfer of activated RTK/Grb2/Sos/RasGTP complex to late endosomes where it binds P14/MP1/MEK1 complex allowing the ERK cascade.
Upon EGF stimulation EGFR in complex with Grb2 is endocytosed and transported to late endosomes with Grb2-binding proteins such as Sos resulting in the activation of KRas on late endosomes.
PMID:17496910 PMID:19289794
s_mpk1_re193( Survival  map ):
MEK is continuously dephosphorylated by PP2A (PPP2CA) whose activity is stimulated by P38: P38 activity increases the physical association between PP2A and MEK/ERK complex. A direct interaction between P38 and ERK has been proposed as a mechanism to inhibit ERK phosphorylation. AP-1 mediated gene expression inhibits ERK phosphorylation.
s_mpk1_re21( Survival  map ):
Active KRas (on late endosomes) recruits Raf1 (C-Raf) to elicit a MODULE:MAPK map signalling pathway.
RasGTP and Sur-8 allow dephosphorylation of N-ter 14-3-3 binding site of Raf (not modelled) and thus its recruitment.
PMID:19289794 PMID:17496910


Participates in complexes:
In compartment: Late Endosomes
  1. GRB2:​LAMTOR2:​MEK*:​MP1*:​RAS*|​pho:​RTK*:​SOS*@Late Endosomes map

Participates in reactions:
As Reactant or Product:

  1. GRB2:​RAS*|​pho:​RTK*:​SOS*@Plasma Membrane map + LAMTOR2:​MEK*:​MP1*@Late Endosomes map map GRB2:​LAMTOR2:​MEK*:​MP1*:​RAS*|​pho:​RTK*:​SOS*@Late Endosomes map

  2. ERK*|​pho|​pho:​GRB2:​LAMTOR2:​MEK*|​pho|​pho:​MP1*:​RAF1|​pho:​RAS*|​pho:​RTK*:​SOS*@Late Endosomes map map GRB2:​LAMTOR2:​MEK*:​MP1*:​RAS*|​pho:​RTK*:​SOS*@Late Endosomes map + ERK*@Cytoplasm map + RAF1@Cytoplasm map
  3. RAF1@Cytoplasm map + GRB2:​LAMTOR2:​MEK*:​MP1*:​RAS*|​pho:​RTK*:​SOS*@Late Endosomes map map GRB2:​LAMTOR2:​MEK*|​pho|​pho:​MP1*:​RAF1|​pho:​RAS*|​pho:​RTK*:​SOS*@Late Endosomes map

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