Simple molecule glyceraldehyde-3P map

CHEBI:29052 KEGGCOMPOUND:C00118 CAS:591-57-1

 Apoptosis  map  / MITOCH_METABOLISM  map

a_re254:( Apoptosis  map ) PMID:8061610
a_re1182:( Apoptosis  map ) source UNIPROT and KEGGPATHWAY
a_re1465( Apoptosis  map ):
in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma cells, enhanced TKTL1 expression and promoter hypomethylation
TKTL1 overexpression associated with increased growth
increase in F6P and glyceraldehyde-3P
increase in glycolysis in a HIF1 dependent manner
they propose that TKTL1 promotes F6P and glyceraldehyde 3P, displayed here as the reverse reaction

In compartment: Cytoplasm
  1. glyceraldehyde-3P@Cytoplasm map

Participates in complexes:

    Participates in reactions:
    As Reactant or Product:

    1. glyceraldehyde-3P@Cytoplasm map + sedoheptulose-7P@Cytoplasm map map ribulose-5P@Cytoplasm map + xylulose-5P@Cytoplasm map

    2. fructose-6P@Cytoplasm map + erythrose-4P@Cytoplasm map map glyceraldehyde-3P@Cytoplasm map + sedoheptulose-7P@Cytoplasm map
    3. fructose-6P@Cytoplasm map + glyceraldehyde-3P@Cytoplasm map map xylulose-5P@Cytoplasm map + erythrose-4P@Cytoplasm map
    4. xylulose-5P@Cytoplasm map + erythrose-4P@Cytoplasm map map fructose-6P@Cytoplasm map + glyceraldehyde-3P@Cytoplasm map
    5. fructose-1,6P2@Cytoplasm map map glyceraldehyde-3P@Cytoplasm map + dihydroxyacetone-P@Cytoplasm map
    6. dihydroxyacetone-P@Cytoplasm map map glyceraldehyde-3P@Cytoplasm map
    7. glyceraldehyde-3P@Cytoplasm map + NAD_super_+_endsuper_@Cytoplasm map map glycerate-1,3P2@Cytoplasm map + H+@Cytoplasm map + NADH@Cytoplasm map

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