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d_re119( DNA repair  map ):
For inhibition of S-checkpoint by ATM:
PMID:15175241, PMID:12086603
For inhibition of S-checkpoint by HCLK2/FAAP24/ATR/FANKM complex:
PMID:19282663, PMID:19622404, PMID:18995830
For interaction between SNM1B and ATM to mediate S-phase checkpoint in response to ICL (intra-chromatide lesion):
Resected DNA is a triger for activating the S-phase checkpoint and moving from G1 to S to G2:
PMID:20051983, PMID:16805667
For inhibition of S to G2 propagation and activation of S-phase checkpoint by complex PCNA:CtIP:
ATR kinase activation mediated by MutSalpha and MutLalpha in response to cytotoxic O6-methylguanine adducts. O6-methylguanine adducts recognized by MutSalpha, MutLalpha and BER pathways performs the repair. ATR/ATRIP S phase arrest is activated:
For role of TIM1*/TIPIN in S-phase checkpoint, stalled replication forks stabilisation and DNA repair during S-phase:
PMID:17102137, PMID:17116885, PMID:17296725, PMID:19793801, PMID:17582221
For inhibition of S-phase by ATR/ATRIP/CHEK1/CLSPN/HCLK2* complex:
PMID:19793801, PMID:17384638
For ATR/ATRIP/CHEK1/Tim* S-phase checkpoint
Formation of the complex for crosslink-activation of S phase checkpoint. FA core complex activates the reaction to stop S-phase propagaton:
PMID:14988723, PMID:15136767
d_re114( DNA repair  map ):
PMID:18171670, PMID:20064462
For regulation of HR by cell cycle. CDK1 is essential to switch cells from C_NHEJ to HR during S/G2 phase: PMID:15496928
The complex BRCA2:FANCC:FANCG:XRCC3 activates HR:
For role of BLM:TOP3:RMI1 complex in the HR resection step:
For central role of the MRN complex and CtIP in the resection of the DNA that turns on the HR and off C_NHEJ:
For inhibition of HR by RECQ5:
For role of CDC2 (CDK1) in DNA resection initiation in S/G2 phase, HR initiation:
PMID:15655342, PMID:15549137, PMID:15496928
RNF8:MDC1 complex recruit HR-related proteins by this shifting from C_NHEJ to HR:
SUMOlated PCNA recognizes stalled replication fork and blocks homologous recombination, re-orients toward TLS
d_re120( DNA repair  map ):
By CycB*/CDC2*:
G2/M transition
For BRCA2 and FANCD2/FANCDI importance in the cytokinesis and localisation at the spindle and role in the propagation of mitosis:
PMID:15375219, PMID:19686080
CDC2 has to be phosphorylated fot inhibition of G2 to M propagation (called G2 checkpoint). FANCC activates CDC2 phosphorylation
Brca1 ubiquitinates CtIp and in complex they inhibit G2 to M propagation (G2 checkpoint)
PMID:16818604, PMID:15485915
BRCA1 and FANCJ in complex inhibit G2 to M propagation (called G2 checkpoint).
FANCM:FAAP24 complex activated G2 phase checpoint (G2 to M propagation inhibition):
ATR kinase activation mediated by MutSalpha and MutLalpha in response to cytotoxic O6-methylguanine adducts. O6-methylguanine adducts recognized by MutSalpha, MutLalpha and BER pathways performs the repair:
PMID:16713580, PMID:18543256
BER and MMR interaction and G2/M arrest inresponce to o6-meG formation:
d_re185( DNA repair  map ):
For hyper-phosphotyration of REV1 in cell cycle and DNA damage-dependent manner. Hyper-phosphorylation makes REV1 regulatory molecule for activating TLS pathway
PMID:17035102, PMID:19258535
d_re193( DNA repair  map ):
USP1 levles are cell cycle regulated USP1 is at the peak during early G1/S phase and declines late S/G2 phase.
d_re194( DNA repair  map ):
FANCM is phosphorylated by PLK1 and ubiquitinated by beta-TRCP (in the SCF complex) in response to G2/M checkpoint. Phosphorylated FANCM is degraded and FANCONI pathway is inhibited during mitosis.
PMID:19270156, PMID:19686080
d_re212( DNA repair  map ):
PolN is degraded after S-phase by G2/M cell cycle checkpoint

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