G1 phase

Phenotype G1 phase map
G1 phase@default

d_re216( DNA repair  map ):
By CDC20/APC complex:
M to G1 transition
By Mitotic checkpoint complex:
Spindle checkpoint
PARP3 activated spindle checkpoint
Tankyrase activated spindle checkpoint
d_re80( DNA repair  map ):
The complex MRN:BRCA1:phos-Ub-CtIP is central in the shift toward HR, because it activates resection for HR and blocks Ku70/80 of C_NHEJ:
PMID:19357644, PMID:15485915, PMID:19490890, PMID:18716619 (for CDK-dep phosph), PMID:20051983
d_re115( DNA repair  map ):
For inhibition of S-checkpoint by ATM:
Inhibition of Sphase by MRE complex:
By CycE*/CDK2: G1/S transition
By CycD*/CDK2/CIp/KIP: checkpoint G1/S
d_re158( DNA repair  map ):
S phase checkpoint controls and induces FANCD2 monoubiquitusation to start Fanconi and HR
d_re215( DNA repair  map ):
If the cell is in G1 phase, the double strand break will be repeated by C_NHEJ, because there is no homologous template from sister chromatide. If the cell is in S/G2 phase, HR will take place.

In compartment: Nucleus
  1. G1 phase@Nucleus map

In compartment: default

  1. G1 phase@default map

Participates in complexes:

    Participates in reactions:
    As Reactant or Product:

    1. G1 phase@default map map S phase@default map

    2. M phase@default map map G1 phase@default map
    3. CDK4_6*:​CyclinD*|​T286_pho:​p21CIP1*|​pho|​pho@Nucleus map map G1 phase@Nucleus map
    4. G1 phase@Nucleus map map KIS*@Nucleus map
    5. (CDK4_6*:​p27KIP1*|​pho|​pho|​pho|​S157_pho)|​active@Nucleus map map G1 phase@Nucleus map
    6. G1 phase@Nucleus map map PIRH2*@Nucleus map

    As Catalyser:

    1. FANCD2|​pho@default map map FANCD2|​K561_ubi|​pho@default map

    2. REV1@default map map REV1|​pho@default map
    3. gHR_DNA_st1*@Nucleus map map gC_NHEJ_DNA_st1*@Nucleus map
    4. gUSP1@default map map rUSP1@default map
    5. gC_NHEJ_DNA_st1*@Nucleus map map gC_NHEJ_DNA_st2*@Nucleus map

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