G0 phase

Phenotype G0 phase map
G0 phase@Cytoplasm

e_re659( EMT  map ):
The associations between Cx43 and ZO-1 and ZO-2 proteins were shown to be under cell-cycle stage-specific control.
Connexin 43 interacts preferentially with ZO-1 during G0 stage, whereas the interaction with ZO-2 is approximately the same during the various stages

In compartment: Cytoplasm
  1. G0 phase@Cytoplasm map

In compartment: Nucleus

  1. G0 phase@Nucleus map

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    1. G0 phase@Cytoplasm map map Early to mid-G1 phase@Cytoplasm map

    2. GJA1:​ZO1*@Cytoplasm map map G0 phase@Cytoplasm map
    3. G0 phase@Nucleus map map DYRK1B@Nucleus map
    4. p27KIP1*|​pho|​pho@Nucleus map map G0 phase@Nucleus map
    5. G0 phase@Nucleus map map KPC1*:​KPC2*@Cytoplasm map

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