Complex ERK*:GPCR*:GRK*:MEK*:RAF1:_beta_-Arrestin2* map

Complex composition:

  1. _beta_-Arrestin2* map
  2. RAF1 map
  3. MEK* map
  4. ERK* map
  5. GRK* map
  6. GPCR* map

ERK*|​pho|​pho:​GPCR*:​GRK*:​MEK*|​pho|​pho:​RAF1|​pho:​_beta_-Arrestin2*@Early Endosomes


s_mpk1_re62( Survival  map ):
The component kinases of the ERK cascade Raf-1 MEK and ERK assemble using beta-ARRESTIN as a scaffold and leading to activation of ERK. Endocytosis of these receptor/beta-ARRESTIN complexes by clathrin-coated pits results in the targeting of activated ERK to endosomal vesicles.
The beta-ARRESTIN occupied receptor undergoes internalisation into early endosomes. At the early endosome stage beta-ARRESTIN recruits both MEK1/2 and ERK1/2 and is likely to facilitate their activation upon GPCR stimulation.
PMID:11226259 PMID:19565474
s_mpk1_re86( Survival  map ):
The internalised GPCR receptor will finally be recycled into the cell membrane or be sent to lysosome for degradation (not modelled).


Participates in complexes:
In compartment: Early Endosomes
  1. ERK*|​pho|​pho:​GPCR*:​GRK*:​MEK*|​pho|​pho:​RAF1|​pho:​_beta_-Arrestin2*@Early Endosomes map

Participates in reactions:
As Reactant or Product:

  1. GPCR*|​pho:​GRK*:​_beta_-Arrestin2*@Plasma Membrane map + ERK*@Cytoplasm map + RAF1@Cytoplasm map + MEK*@Cytoplasm map map ERK*|​pho|​pho:​GPCR*:​GRK*:​MEK*|​pho|​pho:​RAF1|​pho:​_beta_-Arrestin2*@Early Endosomes map

  2. ERK*|​pho|​pho:​GPCR*:​GRK*:​MEK*|​pho|​pho:​RAF1|​pho:​_beta_-Arrestin2*@Early Endosomes map map GPCR*:​GRK*@Early Endosomes map + ERK*|​pho|​pho:​MEK*|​pho|​pho:​_beta_-Arrestin2*@Early Endosomes map + RAF1@Cytoplasm map

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