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EPH receptor B2

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E-cadherin promotes EPHA2– ephrin-A1 localization at epithelial cell junctions
EPHA2 is upregulated in many cancers and its expression has been linked to increased malignancy and a poor clinical prognosis.
EPHA2 seems to be preferentially expressed in malignant breast and prostate cancers with a basal phenotype.
EPHA1 is downregulated in advanced human skin and colorectal cancers, EphB receptors are downregulated in advanced colorectal cancer and ephrin-A5 is downregulated in glioblastomas
TNF-alpha, VEGFA and HIF2A upregulate ephrin-A1 in cultured endothelial cells.
Endothelial ephrin-B2 is upregulated by VEGF through the Notch pathway.

In compartment: Cytoplasm
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In compartment: Cytoplasm

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