Protein E2F1 map

E2F transcription factor 1

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PMID:18590585, PMID:17303408, PMID:17660363, PMID:7575488, PMID:15279786


d_re488( DNA repair  map ):
BRIT1*/E2F1 complex activates BRCA1 and CHEK1 transcription during S-phase and G2/M checkpoints:
PMID:15220350, PMID:18660752, PMID:20376879


c_re317( Cell cycle  map ):
Phosphorylation at the Ser-403 in S phase by the TFIIH kinase targets E2F1 for its rapid ubiquitination and degradation through the ubiquitin-proteasome pathway.
Phosphorylation at Ser-403 and Thr-433 by the basal TF TFHII triggers E2F1 degradation.
c_re318( Cell cycle  map ):
Degradation depends upon ubiquitination. E3: F-box protein p45Skp2


c_re98( Cell cycle  map ):
E2F1 deacetylated by pRB/HDAC
Deacetylation by HDAC1


c_re87:( Cell cycle  map ) PMID:15840440, PMID:15133492
c_re98( Cell cycle  map ):
E2F1 deacetylated by pRB/HDAC
Deacetylation by HDAC1

In compartment: Nucleus
  1. E2F1@Nucleus map

  2. E2F1|​pho@Nucleus map
  3. E2F1|​Ser403_pho@Nucleus map
  4. E2F1|​pho|​Lys_ace@Nucleus map

In compartment: default

  1. E2F1@default map

  2. E2F1|​pho@default map

Participates in complexes:
In compartment: Nucleolus

  1. E2F1:​p14ARF*@Nucleolus map

In compartment: Nucleus

  1. DP1*:​E2F1@Nucleus map

  2. DP1*:​E2F1|​Lys_ace@Nucleus map
  3. DP1*:​E2F1|​Lys_ace|​Ser31_pho@Nucleus map
  4. DP1*:​E2F1|​Lys_ace|​Ser364_pho@Nucleus map
  5. DP1*:​E2F1:​RB1@Nucleus map
  6. DP1*:​E2F1|​Lys_ace:​PCAF*@Nucleus map
  7. DP1*:​E2F1|​Lys_ace|​Ser31_pho:​TOPBP1@Nucleus map
  8. DP1*:​E2F1:​RB1|​pho|​pho|​pho@Nucleus map
  9. DP1*|​pho:​E2F1|​pho|​Lys_ace:​PCAF*@Nucleus map
  10. BAF250*:​DP1*:​E2F1:​RB1@Nucleus map
  11. BAF250*:​DP1*:​E2F1:​RB1|​pho@Nucleus map
  12. BAF250*:​DP1*:​E2F1:​RB1|​pho|​pho@Nucleus map
  13. BAF250*:​DP1*:​E2F1:​RB1:​SUV39H1@Nucleus map
  14. BAF250*:​DP1*:​E2F1:​HP1gamma*:​RB1:​SUV39H1@Nucleus map

In compartment: default

  1. E2F1:​RB1@default map

  2. BRIT1*:​E2F1@default map
  3. E2F1:​RB1|​pho@default map
  4. BRCA1|​S988_pho|​S1387_pho|​S1423_pho|​S1497_pho|​S1524_pho:​E2F1:​RB1@default map

Participates in reactions:
As Reactant or Product:

  1. E2F1@Nucleus map map E2F1@Nucleus map

  2. E2F1@Nucleus map map E2F1@Nucleus map
  3. rE2F1@Nucleus map map E2F1@Nucleus map
  4. SUV39H1@Nucleus map + BAF250*:​DP1*:​E2F1:​RB1@Nucleus map map BAF250*:​DP1*:​E2F1:​RB1:​SUV39H1@Nucleus map
  5. HDAC1@Nucleus map + DP1*:​E2F1:​RB1@Nucleus map + BAF250*@Nucleus map map BAF250*:​DP1*:​E2F1:​RB1@Nucleus map
  6. HP1gamma*@Nucleus map + BAF250*:​DP1*:​E2F1:​RB1:​SUV39H1@Nucleus map map BAF250*:​DP1*:​E2F1:​HP1gamma*:​RB1:​SUV39H1@Nucleus map
  7. E2F1@Nucleus map map E2F Family@Cytoplasm map
  8. BAF250*:​DP1*:​E2F1:​RB1@Nucleus map map BAF250*:​DP1*:​E2F1:​RB1|​pho@Nucleus map
  9. BAF250*:​DP1*:​E2F1:​HP1gamma*:​RB1:​SUV39H1@Nucleus map map BAF250*:​DP1*:​E2F1:​RB1@Nucleus map + HP1gamma*:​SUV39H1@Nucleus map
  10. DP1*:​E2F1|​Lys_ace|​Ser31_pho@Nucleus map + TOPBP1@Nucleus map map DP1*:​E2F1|​Lys_ace|​Ser31_pho:​TOPBP1@Nucleus map
  11. c_s729 map E2F1:​p14ARF*@Nucleolus map
  12. E2F1@Nucleus map + p16INK4A*@Cytoplasm map map c_s729
  13. E2F1@Nucleus map map degraded
  14. DP1*:​E2F1:​RB1|​pho|​pho|​pho@Nucleus map map RB1|​pho|​pho|​pho@Nucleus map + DP1*:​E2F1@Nucleus map
  15. DP1*:​E2F1|​Lys_ace@Nucleus map map DP1*:​E2F1@Nucleus map
  16. BAF250*:​DP1*:​E2F1:​RB1|​pho@Nucleus map map HDAC1@Nucleus map + BAF250*:​DP1*:​E2F1:​RB1|​pho|​pho@Nucleus map
  17. E2F1@Nucleus map map E2F1|​Ser403_pho@Nucleus map
  18. E2F1|​Ser403_pho@Nucleus map map degraded
  19. BAF250*:​DP1*:​E2F1:​RB1|​pho|​pho@Nucleus map map DP1*:​E2F1:​RB1|​pho|​pho|​pho@Nucleus map + BAF250*|​pho@Nucleus map
  20. DP1*:​E2F1|​Lys_ace@Nucleus map + PCAF*@Nucleus map map DP1*:​E2F1|​Lys_ace:​PCAF*@Nucleus map
  21. E2F1@Nucleus map + DP1*@Nucleus map map DP1*:​E2F1@Nucleus map
  22. DP1*:​E2F1|​Lys_ace:​PCAF*@Nucleus map map PCAF*@Nucleus map + DP1*:​E2F1|​Lys_ace|​Ser364_pho@Nucleus map
  23. DP1*:​E2F1|​Lys_ace:​PCAF*@Nucleus map map DP1*:​E2F1|​Lys_ace|​Ser31_pho@Nucleus map + PCAF*@Nucleus map
  24. DP1*:​E2F1@Nucleus map map DP1*:​E2F1|​Lys_ace@Nucleus map
  25. DP1*:​E2F1|​Lys_ace:​PCAF*@Nucleus map map DP1*|​pho:​E2F1|​pho|​Lys_ace:​PCAF*@Nucleus map
  26. DP1*|​pho:​E2F1|​pho|​Lys_ace:​PCAF*@Nucleus map map PCAF*@Nucleus map + E2F1|​pho|​Lys_ace@Nucleus map + DP1*|​pho@Nucleus map
  27. DP1*:​E2F1@Nucleus map + RB1@Nucleus map map DP1*:​E2F1:​RB1@Nucleus map
  28. E2F1|​pho|​Lys_ace@Nucleus map map E2F1|​pho@Nucleus map
  29. E2F1|​pho@Nucleus map map E2F1@Nucleus map
  30. E2F1@default map + RB1@default map map E2F1:​RB1@default map
  31. E2F1:​RB1@default map map E2F1:​RB1|​pho@default map
  32. E2F1:​RB1|​pho@default map map RB1|​pho@default map + E2F1@default map
  33. E2F1@default map map E2F1|​pho@default map
  34. E2F1|​pho@default map map degraded
  35. E2F1:​RB1@default map map E2F1@default map + RB1@default map
  36. E2F1:​RB1|​pho@default map map E2F1:​RB1@default map
  37. E2F1:​RB1@default map + BRCA1|​S988_pho|​S1387_pho|​S1423_pho|​S1497_pho|​S1524_pho|​active@default map map BRCA1|​S988_pho|​S1387_pho|​S1423_pho|​S1497_pho|​S1524_pho:​E2F1:​RB1@default map
  38. E2F1@default map + BRIT1*@default map map BRIT1*:​E2F1@default map

As Catalyser:

  1. Cell cycle~arrest@Nucleus map map Cell cycle@Nucleus map

  2. gCDC20B@Nucleus map map rpre-mRNA~CDC20B*@Nucleus map
  3. gPMAIP1@Nucleus map map rPMAIP1@Nucleus map
  4. gBBC3@Nucleus map map rBBC3@Nucleus map
  5. gBID@Nucleus map map rBID@Nucleus map
  6. gAPAF1@Nucleus map map rAPAF1@Nucleus map
  7. gMIR17-92*@Nucleus map map arMIR17-92*@Nucleus map
  8. gMCM7@Nucleus map map rpre-mRNA~MCM7*@Nucleus map
  9. gBCL2L11@Nucleus map map rBCL2L11@Nucleus map
  10. gSIVA1@Nucleus map map rSIVA1@Nucleus map
  11. gCaspase8*@Nucleus map map rCaspase8*@Nucleus map
  12. gHRK@Nucleus map map rHRK@Nucleus map
  13. gCaspase7*@Nucleus map map rCaspase7*@Nucleus map
  14. gCaspase3*@Nucleus map map rCaspase3*@Nucleus map
  15. gCaspase9*@Nucleus map map rCaspase9*@Nucleus map
  16. DP1*@Cytoplasm map map DP1*@Nucleus map
  17. G1 phase@default map map S phase@default map
  18. gBRCA1@default map map rBRCA1@default map
  19. gCyclinE*@default map map rCyclinE*@default map
  20. gCyclinA1*@default map map rCyclinA1*@default map
  21. gCyclinB1*@default map map rCyclinB1*@default map
  22. gCDC20@default map map rCDC20@default map
  23. gCHEK1@default map map rCHEK1@default map
  24. gMIR449A@Nucleus map map arMIR449A@Nucleus map

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