Gene Intact_DNA* map

Undamaged DNA

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d_re511( DNA repair  map ):
PMID:22258607, PMID:19267553, PMID:18256616
For BER activation by IR
PMID:19414382, PMID:21204762, PMID:20832016, PMID:17892593
For BER activation by ROS
PMID:23249296, PMID:22122466, PMID:20510258, PMID:21251944, PMID:23311711
d_re512( DNA repair  map ):
For activation by IR
PMID:22258607, PMID:19267553
d_re513( DNA repair  map ):
For C_NHEJ activation by IR
PMID:20691907, PMID:23012265, PMID:21785230
For C_NHEJ activation by UV
PMID:17293412, PMID:15367581
Topoisomerate inhibitors bloch double strand DNA repair by HR, C_NHEJ and Fanconi pathways
For HR
PMID:22123462, PMID:20693240
For Fanconi
PMID:21414716, PMID:23157317
For activation by Dbait
PMID:22068457, PMID:22815765, PMID:22042585, PMID:19621083
d_re514( DNA repair  map ):
d_re515( DNA repair  map ):
FOR HR activation by IR
For HR activation by UV
PMID:21885354, PMID:22987150, PMID:20206282, PMID:19398948, PMID:1575062
Interstrand crosslinking agents activate HR
d_re516( DNA repair  map ):
For actovation of TLS by UV
For actIvation of TLS by interstrand crosslinking agents
PMID:20015866, PMID:15155842, PMID:22122464, PMID:23106263, PMID:21666254, PMID:20658647
d_re517( DNA repair  map ):
UV light causes bulky adducts damage in DNA that repared by NER pathway
For activation of NER by UV
PMID:22743272, PMID:22822215, PMID:22492724, PMID:22373527
Interstrand crosslinking agents induce NER
ROS activate NER for repating intrastrand crosslink
ROS activate NER for bulky adducts
d_re518( DNA repair  map ):
Damage caused by UV light pyrimidine dimers is repaired by DR
d_re519( DNA repair  map ):
PMID:22743272, PMID:22822215, PMID:22492724, NER:22373527
Transcription-dependent NER and damage by UV
PMID:20045328, PMID:14599741
d_re520( DNA repair  map ):
Fanconi is activated by interstrand crosslinking agents
PMID:23444773, PMID:21948210, PMID:21701511
d_re527( DNA repair  map ):
d_re528:( DNA repair  map ) PMID:22237395

In compartment: Nucleus
  1. gIntact_DNA*@Nucleus map

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    Participates in reactions:
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    1. gIntact_DNA*@Nucleus map map gDeaminated_alkylated_mismatched_base*@Nucleus map

    2. gIntact_DNA*@Nucleus map map gSSA_DNA_st1*@Nucleus map
    3. gIntact_DNA*@Nucleus map map gC_NHEJ_DNA_st1*@Nucleus map
    4. gIntact_DNA*@Nucleus map map gA_NHEJ_DNA_st1*@Nucleus map
    5. gIntact_DNA*@Nucleus map map gHR_DNA_st1*@Nucleus map
    6. gIntact_DNA*@Nucleus map map gTLS_DNA_st1*@Nucleus map
    7. gIntact_DNA*@Nucleus map map gGG-NER_DNA_st1*@Nucleus map
    8. gIntact_DNA*@Nucleus map map gDR_DNA_st1*@Nucleus map
    9. gIntact_DNA*@Nucleus map map gTC-NER_DNA_st1*@Nucleus map
    10. gIntact_DNA*@Nucleus map map gFanconi_DNA_st1*@Nucleus map
    11. gIntact_DNA*@Nucleus map map gOxidized_ring-saturated_hydrolysed_base*@Nucleus map
    12. gIntact_DNA*@Nucleus map map gMismatched_nucleotide*@Nucleus map
    13. gIntact_DNA*@Nucleus map map gSingle_strand_breaks_SSB*@Nucleus map
    14. gIntact_DNA*@Nucleus map map gBbulky_adducts*@Nucleus map
    15. gIntact_DNA*@Nucleus map map gIntrastrand_crosslinks*@Nucleus map
    16. gIntact_DNA*@Nucleus map map gPyrimidine_dimer*@Nucleus map
    17. gIntact_DNA*@Nucleus map map g6-4_phosphoproducts*@Nucleus map

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