Cell migration

Phenotype Cell migration map
Cell migration@Cytoplasm

 EMT  map  / EMT_REGULATORS  map
 EMT  map  / ECM  map
 EMT  map  / GAP_JUNCTIONS  map
 EMT  map  / DESMOSOMES  map

e_re650( EMT  map ):
Connexin43 modulates cell polarity and directional cell migration by regulating microtubule dynamics.
e_re671( EMT  map ):
GJB5 is so-called Connexin 31.1
Cx31.1 (GJB5) is predominantly expressed in the testes and the skin epidermis.
Cx31.1 rarely form functional gap junction channels, either with itself or with other Cx isoforms.
Gap junctions play important roles in various physiologic functions such as regulation of cell proliferation, cell differentiation, tissue development and cell apoptosis.
In most cases, Cxs act as tumour suppressors: Gap junctions play an important role as tumour suppressors in maintaining cell differentiation and preventing transformation
Cx31.1 reduced tumour cell proliferation, anchorage-independent growth, migration and invasion.
Moreover, development of tumours in a xenograft model was suppressed by Cx31.1, suggesting that Cx31.1 may act as a tumour suppressor in NSCLC cell lines.
e_re1306( EMT  map ):
Of the 3 AKT isofomrs, AKT2 has been shown to promote cell motility, invasiveness and metastasis

Cell migration@Nucleus

s_wnc1_re142( Survival  map ):
Activated Daam1 is responisble for the inhibition
s_wnc1_re154( Survival  map ):
PTEN contains a C2-domain which inhibits cell migration. This inhibition works only when T383 is not phosphorylated
However, beta-arrestin can also bind PTEN in this C2-region thereby dis-inhibiting migration.

In compartment: Cytoplasm
  1. Cell migration@Cytoplasm map

In compartment: Nucleus

  1. Cell migration@Nucleus map

Participates in complexes:

    Participates in reactions:
    As Reactant or Product:

    1. AKT2@Cytoplasm map map Cell migration@Cytoplasm map

    2. ITGAV:​ITGB3:​L1CAM@Cytoplasm map map Cell migration@Cytoplasm map
    3. GJA1@Cytoplasm map map Cell migration@Cytoplasm map
    4. GJB5@Cytoplasm map map Cell migration@Cytoplasm map
    5. EMT@Cytoplasm map map Cell migration@Cytoplasm map
    6. NISCH:​PAK1@Cytoplasm map map Cell migration@Cytoplasm map
    7. Membrane spreading@Cytoplasm map map Cell migration@Cytoplasm map
    8. s_s_wca1_s1651 map Cell migration@Cytoplasm map
    9. s_s_wnc1_s1024 map Cell migration@Nucleus map
    10. PTEN|​pho|​pho|​pho|​pho:​_beta_-Arrestin*@Cytoplasm map map Cell migration@Nucleus map

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