Gene Deaminated_alkylated_mismatched_base* map

DNA with deaminated, alkylated, mistmached base
Damage caused by Alkylating agents or x-rays

 DNA repair  map  / BER  map

PMID:22258607, PMID:22918414
PMID:23473643, PMID:23408852


d_re511( DNA repair  map ):
PMID:22258607, PMID:19267553, PMID:18256616
For BER activation by IR
PMID:19414382, PMID:21204762, PMID:20832016, PMID:17892593
For BER activation by ROS
PMID:23249296, PMID:22122466, PMID:20510258, PMID:21251944, PMID:23311711
d_re5( DNA repair  map ):
9-1-1 complex activates TDG glycosylase and activates BER:
DNA with O6-methylguanine adducts, MutSalpha and MutLalpha activate ATR/ATRIP and BER pathways performs the repair:
PMID:16713580, PMID:18543256
d_re37( DNA repair  map ):
PMID:16332722, PMID:15136767
ATR binds stalled fork and phosphorylates CHK1 that activates checkpoint, stops cell cycle
d_re178:( DNA repair  map ) reactionType:is.a
d_re260( DNA repair  map ):
Damaged DNA triggers ATR/ATRIP complex activation

In compartment: Nucleus
  1. gDeaminated_alkylated_mismatched_base*@Nucleus map

Participates in complexes:

    Participates in reactions:
    As Reactant or Product:

    1. gDeaminated_alkylated_mismatched_base*@Nucleus map map gDamaged_DNA*@Nucleus map

    2. gDeaminated_alkylated_mismatched_base*@Nucleus map map gC_NHEJ_DNA_st1*@Nucleus map
    3. gDeaminated_alkylated_mismatched_base*@Nucleus map map gA_NHEJ_DNA_st1*@Nucleus map
    4. gDeaminated_alkylated_mismatched_base*@Nucleus map map gHR_DNA_st1*@Nucleus map
    5. gDeaminated_alkylated_mismatched_base*@Nucleus map map gBER_M-glyc_DNA_st2*@Nucleus map + Base@default map
    6. gIntact_DNA*@Nucleus map map gDeaminated_alkylated_mismatched_base*@Nucleus map
    7. gDeaminated_alkylated_mismatched_base*@Nucleus map map gSingle_strand_breaks_SSB*@Nucleus map

    As Catalyser:

    1. MLH1@default map + MBD4@default map map MBD4:​MLH1@default map

    2. ATR|​pho|​active@Nucleus map + ATRIP@default map map ATRIP:​ATR|​pho@default map
    3. ATR@default map map ATR|​pho|​active@Nucleus map
    4. PARP1@Nucleus map map PARP1|​PolyADPribose_unk|​pho@Nucleus map
    5. PARP2@default map map PARP2|​unk|​pho@default map

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