Reaction heterodimer_association a_re632 map

BAD|​pho@Cytoplasm map + 14-3-3*|​unk@Cytoplasm map → a_s3150

No reaction regulators

interaction between BAD S155 and 14-3-3 delta and epsilon
in FL5.12 co-IP of mouse BAD phosphorylated and YWHAQ
in FL5.12 BAD phosphorylated only on S112 or S136 still binds 14-3-3 (S to A mutants, co-IP)
in FL5.12 phosphorylation and binding to 14-3-3 inhibits BAD interaction with Bcl-XL and pro-apoptotic activity
in 293T, BAD:YWHAE interaction, inhibited by caspase-mediated cleavage of YWHAE
BAD:YWHAH interaction tandem affinity purification in a complex with Raf (cited by IntAct)


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