Reaction state_transition a_re631 map

BAD@Cytoplasm map BAD|​pho@Cytoplasm map

Reaction regulators:

  1. RSK*@Cytoplasm map
  2. S6K*|​pho@Cytoplasm map
  3. AKT*|​S473_pho|​T308_pho@Cytoplasm map
  4. PIM*@Cytoplasm map
  5. PKA_C*@Cytoplasm map
  6. PAK1@Cytoplasm map

in FL5.12 (murine pro-B-cell lymphoid cell, IL-3 dependent) BAD phosphorylated upon IL-3
in 293T, over-expression of wt Akt or myr-Akt, but not kinase mutant induces phosphorylation of BAD
in vitro phosphorylation of BAD by Akt, BAD S112(human S75)A-S136(human S99)A not phosphorylated
2D tryptic peptide mapping identifies S112(human S75) and S136(human S99) as the phospho-sites
phsophorylation in FL5.12 in response to IL-3 or PMA
in vitro, purified Akt phosphorylates recombinant BAD at S136(human S99) but not at S112(human S75) (serine mutants)
in Balb/c 3T3 upon PDGF or PC12 upon NGF, BAD phosphorylated in an Akt-dependent manner (wortmannin, LY294002)
partial evidence for BAD:Akt interaction
mitochondria localized PKA is a BAD-S112(human S75) kinase
in vitro purified activated RSK2/RPS6KA3 phosphorylates a peptide encompassing BAD S112(humanS75) phospho-site. Far less efficient as a BAD-S136 kinase
in 293T, over-expression of RSK2 and MEK1 induces phsophorylation of BAD (anti-BAD pS112)
in BDNF-treated cerebellar granule cells, BDNF induces S112 phosphorylation of BAD, in a MEK1-dependent manner (PD098059)
RSK is a BAD S112 kinase (anti BAD-phosphoS112)
in vitro,
in HEK293 upon forskolin TPA isoproterenol or insulin-like growth factor, PKA mediated phosphorylation of S155 of murine BAD (human S118)
S118 lies in the BH3 domain of BAD
phosphorylation of S155 independent of that of S112/136
RSK1-2-3 are BAD S155 kinases
in vitro, murine PIM2 immunoprecipitated from trasfected U2OS phosphorylates BAD
in U2OS, PIM2 expression but not that of a kinase dead mutant induces BAD S112 phosphorylation
in FDCP1 murine IL3 dependent hematopoietic cells, upon IL3 withdrawal or doxorubicin, PIM2 ectopic expression is protective
BAD S112 phosphorylation by PIM1
in SW480 human colon carcinoma cell line, correlation between PIM3 expression and BAD phosphorylation. siRNA against PIM3 abrogates BAD S112 and S136 phosphorylation and induces apoptosis
in a set of human colon cancers, correlation and colocalization of PIM3 and BAD phospho-S112
S6K purified as a BAD kinase from FL5.12 BCL-XL/BAD cells
in vitro with recombinant proteins, BAD S136 phosphorylation
in FL5.12 by S6K upon IGF, inhibited by rapamycin
in ES p70S6K-/- cells, IGF-induced BAD S136 phosphorylation is lost
in FL5.12 upon IL3, PAK1 phosphorylates BAD on S112 and S136, which results in decreased interaction with BCL2 and BCL2L1, and increased interaction with 14-3-3


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